Murphy Bed Plans – Find the Right Murphy Plans to Build the Right Bed For You

wallbeds there are two good things that people learned from the current global economic crisis it would be practicality and the use of available resources. One proof of this is the increasing number of homeowners who prefer to do simple do-it-yourself projects at home, in the garden or wherever there’s a need for fixing or simple building. Aside from saving money through these projects, you also learn to value your accomplishments.

With the availability of resources in the net such as shed plans, gazebo plans or even Murphy bed plans, you can do all types of woodworking projects in a span of a few weeks to a few months, depending on how simple or how grand your project is.

For those who are new to the concept of this style of bed, it is a type of bed that is hinged on one end in order to be stored vertically against a wall or inside a cabinet or closet. The mattress is attached onto the bed frame via elastic straps. Other people call it fold away bed or wall bed for the most obvious reasons.

Having a Murphy bed is one way to maximize small rooms with limited spaces. Aside from being space saving, it is also easy to build and the necessary building materials are cheap. For these reasons, Murphy bed plans are also affordable. They are also the most popular among other types of bed.

With a Murphy bed, your home office can serve dual purposes – your guest room and office. If you’ve a library, you can also install one there. There are even homeowners who purchases antique Murphy beds, restores them and sets them up on one of their rooms (however, your guests may have second thoughts sleeping on it if you tell them you got it from a garage sale somewhere). So, the best solution is to find a good set of Murphy bed plans or blueprints. This way, you can also incorporate your own design in order to match the theme of the room you’ll be installing it on.